Giving thanks

This adventure would not be possible without ongoing advice and support from many. In addition to the invaluable assistance of my family, I’d like to thank the following individuals who lent their unique skills to this endeavor. I call it a loan because in every case it was done freely and because I someday hope to pay it back, despite that likely being impossible.

Diana Stutz picked up on my flailing attempts at building a website and designed what you see before you. A fisher herself, Diana knows tight lines and deadlines, making it happen faster than a bluefish biting through 20-pound test. My cousin-in-law, Lauren Melton, turned around the first logo with equal alacrity, taking a fry-sized idea and landing a keeper. Patrick Hopkins walked me through website 101 and how to get noticed in a sea of content. Brandon Piebes, has provided invaluable neighborly advice on both boats, the Grady that saved my ass more than once and the Jones Brothers Cape Fisherman that is taking me to the next waypoint. Thanks too, to my brother-in-law, Martin Lunsford and his wife, Kathleen, for traveling several hours to check out the boat I did not buy.

There are plenty of other family and friends who have helped along the way, including my former colleagues at the Cape Cod Times, all of the Provincetown fish camp crew, and my parents, brothers and sister-in-laws. Thank you all. Finally, last but most, my eternal gratitude to my wife who agreed to let me lay this line on the water and see what bites.